I broke up with my ex and I still think about him daily, why?

We didn't have a clean break up. I really tor through his heart and hurt him. We had a month of awkwardness but I really cut it off two weeks ago.

But I can't stop thinking about him. It's kinda weird cuz he was my best friend and I hurt him so much. I still feel guilty for it it daily and I hope he's doing okay.

THe last thing he wrote to me is that he'll text me after court to call me to talk but he hasn't. I tried to be strong and not give in cuz my job to care that much was over. He never told me in the past other weeks he was going to court, so for it to happen to suddenly is scary cuz he said he'll do something stupid.

I just woke up this morning tired and hazy. However 30 minutes ago I started to really think about him and i broke out in tears. I know I don't love him to same anymore but I still care a lot when I pretend not too.

I just sent him a text saying hello to check up on him. I feel like an emotional shipwreck. I've never broken up with anyone before so I'm wondering if that's why I'm crying so hard now.


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  • I wish you were my Ex and told me that. It would make me feel better. But to answer your question maybe you are feeling guilty...or still have feelings for him. You haveto do some soul searching and find out what the truth is

    • I know I won't be happy with him 100%. He thought we had something good going on, but I kept having to suppressing my break up feelings for a while. I am not content with my life but I see now more then before I really have to work on myself to better myself. Before my world was only him but I cracked in that world. It's most likely guilt but having my heart beating so fast, to have me sob in the morning and feel an uneasiness to do much is quite overbearing so I'm not sure if that's normal,

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    • Sometimes I feel like he only loves me as much as he does because my wonderful life validates his desolate one. I'm used as a validation of the worth of his existence.

    • Understand. That's not a good thing if you feel that way. He needs to help himself.

  • Don't worry I think about my ex daily and it has been 10 years…I hope it gets better over time.

    Not what you wanted to hear? Sorry. :(

    • it's okay. how long have you been with them? This guy was my first boyfriend/love/best friend, which was why i waited months before really cutting him off. I wish I did it sooner so maybe he would have been better off.

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