Why did my ex lead me on so much?

Me and my ex split up 6 weeks ago mainly a few differences in our relationship I bruised his ego Abit so he got angry and ended things he contacted me last week and we spoke an he said he missed me and how would we sort things anyway he said he wants to see me when he gets off holiday he's back now he contact me asking how I am yesterday we had light chit chat then today I asked him if we are going to sort it he said what's the rush I am taking my time and when I wanna move forward I will! He said we are talking ain't we what do you want from me? I asked him if he is seeing others and his reply was yes I am seeing others but not sleeping with them ovbiosyly with that I have pretty much told him where to go and that I ain't a silly little girl who will be strung along and that I feel sick he thinks I would be ok with that when I have cont turned down offers from other men and he just said cool I won't contact
You no more then have a nice life I am so angry with him for leading me on why did he do this to me :( last thing I said is I am better than you and you will see that when you end up with what you deserve how can me. Switch just like that he was so sweet before we had our differences I am devastated.


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  • Not my proudest moment, but sometimes guy's want some redemption from being dumped or having a bruised ego. The best thing to do in my opinion is just keep the person at arm's length rather than trying to suck them in.

    I briefly dated a girl six years ago. she dumped me and started dating someone else after giving me the "I dont want a relationship right now" talk (found out about this new relationship on my Facebook feed two days later). I wouldn't even talk to her or even say hi to her. she approached me a year later and we went out for lunch. she made it clear she wouldn't date me again, but didn't hesitate to tell me that she hadn't been laid in a while. I told her "that's your problem." Little did I know that was probably her throwing me a bone. She had an ego bruising herself, but I didn't feel bad about it. She was pretty silent during the rest of lunch.

    Anyway, guys may try pulling you in for a letdown once you have done it to them. Some women may try doing the same, so i wouldn't exclude this behavior to one gender.


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  • He most likely got thinking about it And---Had a change of Cold heart and mind.
    Although cruel to have gotten your hopes up, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if this egotistical egghead is laughing right now and wishes he could see the 'egg on your face,' for he may think it's Even Steven now, for being you said you had 'bruised his ego a bit,' he barked Back----After the fact.
    Do Not trust him again. He's Obviously moved on, seeing others now and Not really wanting a 'what's the rush' again Relationship. The next thing you know, he will be calling for a quick roll in the hay, this Cock rooster.
    Don't be 'devastated,' be Glad you find out now just what kind of a 'Scrambled Switch' Twit he really is. Move on...You deserve better. Lick your wounds and consider him History. He's not even worth your friendship.
    Good luck.xx


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