GUYS - okay does he hate me now, is he done?

Had a misunderstanding with a guy, it was just stupid looking back but he overreacted (mad) to something I said and then I overreacted (hurt) to what he said.

I unfriended on him on FB and then he blocked me. The block is still there like 72 hours later, but I did text him, explained, he responded, and we both said sorry. We also said we both feel much better knowing we aren't mad at each other.

So he has not blocked me on his phone, and he responds when I did text (lightly) twice, but I don't know, he hasn't called me. He hasn't said anything of substance so rather than sit here and wait, do I just write this off and stop thinking about it?

Or based on this little bit here, do you think he still likes me?


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  • Read "Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus." I think he may be afraid to talk to you because you unfriended him on Facebook. You guys had a misunderstanding where something got communicated and misinterpreted from the sounds of things.

    To where you guys are now, it's confusing. You responded after he blocked you which may be taken as "how come you blocked me?"

    But if the two of you aren't mad at eachother, he is likely thinking there isn't much to the fight and the issue is resolved. He may be stressed out about it still and needs the time to cool down, but your texting him might not be helping him cool down. This may be the scenario where you have to wait for him to get back to you and go find something you enjoy doing in the mean time.

    • Thank you so much.

    • Well I did try to take your advice but today I just got sick of it. I felt that he was moving way too slowly and if he cared about me, if he wanted to fix things, a man his age should have known to not act like from the start, but also should have been kinder and more considerate of my feelings.

      So I lost my patience and blocked him on my phone.

      I really don't need someone in my life who's shown this much selfish behavior in such a short span of time... I think that there must be nicer, more mature men his age out there. Enough already.

      I know that women have to show SOME patience, but men also need to get it's a two-way street and we have needs, too.

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