I just found out some real heart breaking news. ..And I'm not sure WTF IS happening :*(?

A friend of mine just told me she was cheating on her boyfriend, but the kicker is she told me she's cheating on him with a "special" friend we had in common. I'm hurt because they both are friends of mine and we all know her boyfriend. ..and I'm actually disgusted


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  • I'd do the right thing and let the poor guy in on it, no one wants to be cheated on. Let the people know what you think about what they're doing, they may not like you after but at least you did the right thing by letting them know that what they're doing is not okay...

    • I was the of leaving them a lone for good the guy is nothing but poison scumbag, I wish he would die, he has am issue with lies. I'm forever and a day done with him. As for her I'm sure she was manipulated. ..smh

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    • Both parties are guilty, they knew what they were doing... and the guy sounds like a scum bag for sure!!

    • Ugh...I can't I honestly want him to go out my life. ..we r no longer friends...he's a compulsive liar and manipulator, and he's using me and her. ..I'd wish he died. ..I hate a user

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  • Convince your friend to tell her boyfriend or you'll have to tell him. not fair to him at all, that really sucks.


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