Feeling so many different things I don't know what I should do?

I broke up with my boyfriend of just under a year a few days ago because I was on a miserable emotional rollercoaster and I needed off. He was really mad, and ended up talking to me the next day. Never thought so much BS could come out of his mouth. All I saw was manipulation - him trying to convince me i'd never find anyone better and also put me down for all the mistakes I made. Initially, I was really upset that he felt that way and wished I could make things better but now I'm starting to change my feelings on it. I see how manipulative he was and it was nothing short of emotional abuse. It makes me really angry. Now this has me doubting the entire relationship, wondering how much he was actually manipulating or lying to me, and I had no clue. And at the same time even though i'm so angry, I miss him! I had a dream about him last night I've been dying to tell him about but we're not really on speaking terms.. I also have so many questions. I want closure. But at the same time we've been fighting so much lately I feel like I should give him a break. It's so conflicting :/


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  • If I was you I would give it a couple of days of no contact nothing just so you and him can have some time to think things through...im going through a break up right now and its heart breaking but I realized the time I've been without him I've been able to step back and see what I mightve done wrong...I asked to speak to him a week later and we have been able to talk to each other without yelling I have also seen how much I miss him

    • That's really good advice and I'm glad you two worked it out! (:

    • Yes trust me...the time you have away from him he will see what its like to be without you...this will truly test youlls love..thank you I hope to get him back soon..we've been txting here and there..so trust me it works

  • Sweetly I've been where you are and I know it sucks cause my ex and I fought uevery single day and it was over little things and I found out one say he cheated on me and while he's sitting over here pointing out my flaws he's not the guy I thought he was! Sweetheart I don't ever think you'll get the closure you really want but just give him some time and then talk to him but don't load him with questions ease into them and don't scream cause that makes everything worse! I wish you the best if luck! And if you two don't work out there is some guy out there who would love to have a girl like you! Hope I help!


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