When breaking up is hard to do..what do you think?

So my bf recently broke up with me and we have spoke to each other days later about it and he has told me I have hurt him and we are both too diffrent. It all begin when he saw guys on my phone and he assumed the worst I told how from the beginning I have more guy friends than girls..but his response is when a guy tells you "hey beautiful" and you dnt do anything about it your disrespecting me...since than are relationship went downhill but since we've broken up when we talk to each other (he works with me) we find ourselves hugging and he even kissed me on my mouth he said he obviously cares still but he wants to be friends for now he said we cnt be together maybe in the future..days before that I asked for a chance and he said he met someone else..he said this but he messages me and calls me at the end of the day...I wonder if him saying he met someone was to just make me back off..what do you'll think is going on in his mind? He says one thing but does another...is he just too hurt is that all it is? Is he worth pursuing or is he just a jerk? Any advise wld help


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  • Alright so I would say he's torn, I think he still loves you but he's looking for one quality that maybe you lack or don't have! If he truly loved you he wouldn't assume you're cheating just because you have guy friends! Just give him some time and then if you still like him then ask him how he feels about you and then you go from there! Hope I helped...

    • So if you were me would you try to make him feel he has nothing to worry about? He wants me to be his friend but its hard to smile, laugh when all I want is to love him

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    • Hey sorry for not responding in a couple if days I was out if town with my family and now I'm in Hawaii with my friends but umm to me I would say he really cares about you! Has anything happened in the past two days?

    • Hawaii? Wow that is awesome. Hope your having fun.. so girl omg you've missed all this: my ex and I have hung out and kissed at the end of the night but today.. I told him "I miss you" again he said "stop telling me that I already told you we can only be friends stop pressuring me your going to push me away.. I started crying and he said he didn't want to hurt me and if he had to leave our job he wld to not put me through that hr said to give him space and to get over his issues and maybe in the future we can be more.. girl I dnt want to just not do anything and let days pass me by.. but I sky want to smother him. :( it drives me crazy when im not with him.. I miss him so much I love him

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  • He is jealous because the more male friends you have it becomes the more likely you have had or will have sex with them. It is biology and not something that can be reasoned away. Males of all species demand possession and exclusivity of the female.

    However, you could maintain an friends with benefits relationship with each other and each continue your friendships with others with no harm or hard feelings. You could change your behavior to mollify your jealous guy, but that would not change your true mind nor who you are as a person. But who knows? You may in the future indeed meet a unique guy who will accept you as you are with your male friends.

    • I can't be his friend with benefits..I cnt share I want to marry him..since you are a guy what do you think I should do to show him..he means the world to me

    • If you're that serious you have to dump all your male friends, those that your lover would see as threats to your relationship. (BTW, I'd bet you would feel no different that he does had he multiple lady friends). At any rate, he might still have some residual jealously anyway, but he does not seem to be the crazy jealous type because you two are still friendly.

      To qualify my remarks, I will reveal that I am not a prude who believes in male dominance. And I have walked the walk and had many sexual liaisons and friend females prior to my marriage. by the way also, my wife as a professional sees males all the time, but at this point I'm not jealous because it mirrors my work.

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