Ex-girlfriend behavior is confusing me. I need some opinions?

My ex-girlfriend with whom broke up with me approx. 7 months ago and dated for 8 months seems to be out of character. She's progressively gotten more negative, short, and mischievous it seems. When I met and dated her she was a shy and very nice girl, but after the break up (she broke up with me) her behavior seems extremely different. It's not just to me, but to our mutual friends and other co-workers. We both work together. Apparently she's mad that I still talk to our mural friends. Immediately after the breakup, I did try and talk to her for about a week, then stopped communication. About a month ago, I tried again to contact her and she responded with casual conversation. About a week ago I learned from our mutual friend that she (ex) had been lying and backstabbing her (mutual friend). I got mad and told my ex how messed up that was because at that time I thought my ex was doing it because I was still talking to her (mutual friend). My ex seems to hate me sometimes but indifferent at others. What's the deal? Is she over me, crazy, still harbors feelings for me, or am I seeing to much into the situation? Honestly, I still care about her and I feel too biased to answer this question myself. Also, she seemingly goes out of her way to ridicule me about business related issues when I have to talk to her, but then sometimes she's nice and professional. I'm just confused really.


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  • It sounds like she might not quite be over you. She may be acting fun, mischievous and indifferent to you to make it look like she's moved on. But at the same time she may still be feeling angry about the break up which is when she's mean to you. I can't explain the backstabbing of the mutual friend though unless she thinks there's something going on between the two of you. I know the above because I imagine that's how I would act with by ex BF if I were to talk to him (we broke up 3weeks ago) and that's why I know I'm not ready to speak to him yet.

    • Thanks for your input. I appreciate it.

    • It's been months and she broke up with me. We work together, so I imagine that's tough...well at least for me. Honestly, I still have feelings for her and would probably get back with her if I had the chance. I think being in close proximity almost everyday definitely doesn't help. I kind of either want to end this chapter for good or try again with her. She was special to me once, and I don't want to loose that chance if it's still there. I don't want the in between crap. Basically, I want her to leave me alone or try again. Whatever comes of this, I learned not to get involved with a co-worker lol

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