His dad has been looking at me like he wants to kill me?

So me and my friends with benefits ended after 2 years deciding to remain friends. But we've both been a little on edge about the situation to say the least. So lately when I've been around, his dad just stares at me, like crazy, with an evil look in his eye. It's freaking me out! Help!


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  • he's a creepy dad...or he simply wanna understand your relationship with his son

    • Well, I've known him for 3 years, and he just started doing this recently since the rift between his son and I. I mean if he knows something i dont, please tell me!

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    • Or maybe he knows the root cause and is saddened that it will never change, and I am just hopelessly stuck in love, with a man who don't love me, and that I care so much, Ali am willing to let him go to be happy...I guess I'm just a crazy psycho bitch myself...so yah. Or maybe he's wondering what took me so long to come to my senses. Lol

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  • ... how is that related to this?

    • I'm not sure I get ur question

    • Oh i've misread, thought you said your dad is randomly giving you evils, it makes sense :P

    • Okay!

  • just ask what his deal is

    • Ask the Dad? That's just crazyness. That's beyond bizarre.

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