Why does my ex act this way and constantly stares at me and acts like he gets jealous when he makes out he hasn't got feelings for me left?

Me and me ex broke up nearly a month ago now, he says he has moved on and he doesn't care yet he is constantly looking at me. My friends have catched him multiple times staring during lessons and lunchtimes. He seems happy but he doesn't show emotions but he ignores me all the time on Facebook and messages and doesn't show that he's bothered at all. His ex has now been following him round and i think he's using her to get back at me seeing as she was the reason we broke up. I just dont understand what is going through his head anymore. He admits he gets jealous then he says he doesn't care if im with a boy and then he says he cares then he doesnt. He also decided to blame me for moving on first and that he needs to move on but then he says he already has... i dont know if he's finding it hard or whether he does still love me and doesn't want to tell me. He also said i was the first girl he properly loved , I know it was partly my fault the break up but i dont know what is going on anymore.Can someone please help me?


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  • Sounds like high school/freshman drama. The truth is he probably doesn't know what he's doing. He's probably confused and torn up. One day he likes you one day he hates you one day he's just afraid he's not gonna meet anyone else. It's a huge cocktail of the feels none of which make sense. Best to just ride it out and continue on with life. Let him sort out his feelings on his own time and focus on yourself. Things will make sense soon enough.

    • Thankyou, Yeah he is so confusing but its so hard!

    • Don't worry it gets easier :)

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