Friend, boyfriend now what are we?

We started out as friends and I knew from the start that we shouldn't have started dating. Thing's were going good for almost 3 month's. Yes we live 40 min from each other and saw each other for only 3 days a week. After seeing him one weekend we were perfectly happy he even surprised me at work when I didn't think I would see him that weekend. Then 2 days later he ended it saying its hard we live far away, and now won't talk to me. The worse thing is he said he still wants me in his life but won't talk to me and I don't know what to do anymore. I'm starting to go into depression, not because I lost a boyfriend but because I lost me best friend. My question is what could be the reason why he won't talk to me and how can I get him to. I'm just confused he wants to be friends but won't talk to me and its been almost 2 weeks. I've tried talking to him but he responds short or ignores me. What should I do?


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  • Alright sweetie so you just need to calm down and don't blow up his phone cause you don't want to sound desperate and maybe he's trying to figure things out that's why he won't respond so just give him a little space and then tomorrow text him saying look you're confusing me do you like me or not and ask him why he's ignoring you. How long have you two been friends may I ask?

    • We've known each other since we were 3 or 4. And were 21 now so a very long time. He's honestly the first guy I've felt for. And I've never been though a heartbreak before. So it's really hard. And I know I shouldn't be blowing up his phone. I've realized now if he wants to talk he will. But the only time I feel like i'm okay is when I drink and that's not okay with me. I'm not going to rely on drinking to not think about or calm myself down about him. I'd rather talk to someone but I feel like I can't talk to my family or friends about him because then they just say negative things about him and I don't need that.

    • Yeah sweetie the drinking thing isn't good and this may sound crazy and I understand if you don't want to but I would love to help you so if you want to talk about him I'm here! Just message me anytime! If I knew what he was like I could tell you why he's actin the way he is but it sounds like he's confused in what he wants maybe he likes you he just doesn't wanna ruin what you two have

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