Insomnia after break up is messing me up, any tips?

My BF and I broke up just over 3 weeks ago. Initially, I seemed to fall asleep fine but wake up really early. In the last week, it takes almost an hour to fall asleep even though I feel exhausted because I'm thinking about him, and I'm waking up 4-5 hours later and not able to fall back asleep because I'm thinking about him. We've not spoken at all the last 3 weeks and I'm really missing him. He's broken up with me and run away at least 3 times in our 2 year relationship after an argument so I know I shouldn't want to be with him but I can't help it. In between those arguments we were so happy and never argued, and the last argument was so stupid (about him going to a football match). Anyways, that's not my problem. Any help with the sleep would be mucho appreciated, thanks.


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  • I had the same problem as you when my ex broke up with me. If you aren't finding it easy to sleep, I'd recommend going out for a run, or some other form of exercise. Something strenuous that will both take your mind off your ex and make you tired enough to just drop into bed when you get back home.


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