How can I make a guy regret breaking up with me?

He broke up with me and he said to my friends that he is never going to come back to me but i still miss him and i dont know what to do.


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  • - Do something that gets his attention (top the class, be the winner of something, beat him at something)
    - Don't ignore him! Because guys, including me i guess, will forget about you if you forget about them.
    - Flirt with other guys in front of him, (but not too obvious or he'll find you annoying)
    - Talk to him sometimes, but end it quick (so you leave him on the hook, yearning for more.) //catch his attention when you talk to him and don't mention your break up with him//
    - Laugh with your friends, and act sociable around him.

    He'll realise how important/ significant you actually are and he'll crush back on you again.


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  • 1. Be as hot as you possibly can. If you're overweight at all, start working out and get in shape.
    2. Hang out with friends, date other guys. He'll find out through your friends that you're perfectly capable of living your life without him, and that you don't need him.
    3. Realize that you actually DON'T need his wishy-washy ass in your life.

    Look, breakups suck. I know, I've been there many times before. There's no magical trick to getting over someone, it just takes time.

    Well, time and a new relationship. That usually helps quite a bit.

  • You need to find another guy. Forget your previous boyfriend and don't do a single thing to affect him one way or another because you should focus on what's best for your life, not how to change somebody else's life.

  • Move on cause if he doesn't like you. He not worth being with and try make him jealous well only make you look dum

  • move on. show him that you can be happy without him.

  • Don't waste your time sweetie


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  • Try to move on in your life and forget about him. Like he deserves anymore of your time and energy. Put that towards something productive in your life and in time towards a new relationship.


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