How do I get him back into my life?

Me and my ex had been "casually" seeing each other since the beginning of the year after sort of rekindling our relationship.
He feels he isn't in the right personal state for a relationship right now and felt like he wasn't able to give me that and so called it all off a few days ago.
I miss him, I miss hanging out with him, I miss talking to him.
Although he said that he will always like me and that we need to stop 'for a while', I feel like this is the end and I hate it.
I can't imagine having a future with anyone else, he's the love of my life.

How do I get him back?


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  • Sorry, but it's over. He won't be the guy you want him to be so it's better for you to find someone else when you're more calm rather than try to convince him to change. Don't waste time plotting to get him back or make him feel bad. It didn't work out; move on with making your life better with another guy who wants you.

  • It's done.

    I'm sorry, but whenever someone tells you "I'm not ready for a relationship" - that's a straight cop out. He doesn't want you to feel unwanted or unloved, he's trying to make it "easier" on you by putting you in a place of disconnect, hoping that you'll just give up on him on your own.

    He's just not feeling for you like you are for him. I've been in his place before and it sucks to have to hurt someone, but he should have been real with you about it instead of letting you have that little bit of hope that he's just working something out, and that he'll want you back when he's cleared his head.

    I've also been in your situation a few times, so I empathize.

    What I've learned is that you can't make someone feel for you. The best thing you can do is try to move on and let them go. It gets better with time, and you will love again. You can't hold out hope that he'll come back to you, it just prolongs the pain.


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