Is he just playing games or really care?

So my boyfriend and I have been up and down. At one point he told me to go see other people. We got into an argument and he told me he was done and didn't want to be with anyone. I was so hurt and told him that I had gone on a date with someone else. He got so angry with me. The next day he came over we had a great time together and he told me that he was completely committed to me and texts me XO and 😘 and all that and that he wants to see if things can be good between us. He got upset that I didn't kiss him goodbye when he left that night. I'm so confused before I told him about the date he didn't want to be with me and now he says he committed. What...


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  • He is caring. But TOO CARING isn't good, I'm not offending him, but he is playing games with his emotional states.


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