It's been over a month. Why do I miss him more? Shouldn't I be missing him less?

We weren't in a relationship but it definitely has been feeling like a real breakup. We were best friends but we liked eachother but he didn't want a relationship. We talked every single day all day and hung out very often. I had to end out friendship because it was becoming too painful for me but he agreed. He then blocked and deleted me from fb and Instagram. I didn't care I was just happy that he wasn't text bombing me like he usually does. It's been over a month we haven't spoken. I thought I was okay but this past 3 days have been really bad. I can't stop crying can't get out of bed. I met another guy but I don't even want to talk to him. I feel so nauseous.

Why is this happening a month later? Shouldn't I be feeling better? I went from hating him and being mad at him for leading me on to missing him so much and feeling this way. Will this get easier or worse?


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  • Is that picture of you? If so you look stunning, I would love your hair!

    Anywa, have you been stalking his profiles anywhere? Kept memories in your eyesight? If you can nod to this, you have not processed the break-up at all, and the move-on-clock is yet to start ticking. You NEED to remove all reminders (facebook, CD's, gifts, everything!) to be able to overcome this. Out of sight, out of mind is really true! Time will only do its magic if you allow it. Hope this helps.

    • Actually since he blocked me on fb I've been checking his bestfriends fb.. Which I guess isn't healthy either. I ended up deleting his bestfriend yesterday so that I would stop doing that. Hopefully that will help

    • If you can, possibly block that best friend too, in case he posts pictures of your ex it would be REALLY unhealthy. It's a good idea to block your ex too even though he blocked you (it's possible) just to ensure he doesn't unblock you and you get that stressful nauseous feeling when you're reminded of his presence regarding you (and it's a horrible feeling, that puts you back in healing!) And trust me, if you remove him from your life totally which means NO STALKING AT ALL, No memories near you or ANYTHING, you will feel SO much better in only a week, I can almost guarantee you!

    • Ok thank you I will try my best to not look at any photos or anything that reminds me of him. Thanks for your help

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  • are you a otaku or a emo girl? now to your question I missed my ex real badly after one month and had a downphase. the key of getting back up is maybe casual sex or having lots of fun with friends to keep your mind full so you thinking about him will be less concentrated stuff


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  • You should just think that he was a happy memory but now its time to move on and hit the road...loving the one who was a friend once is really dangerous, I fell in love with my best friend too. But the relationship didn't worked out as we planned now we can't even look at each others face normally.

    It can be really painful, I can understand but you should just give him some space and not just that you should pay more attention to your surrounding, maybe you would find someone more compatible.

    PS: Not to mention it can be dangerous, he knows almost every thing about you and having info means you hold a trump card against your partner. So, Its better if you forget about him.


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