Why is he hot/cold on social media after we broke up?

I was talking to this guy for a few months over long distance. Things were going great, and we both agreed we wanted something serious, but we would take it slow and see where things went.

At first I was insecure about it because I had a set of goals and started my career with two degrees, and he had his unfleshed out dreams and just figured out what he wanted to do. He reassured me, so I gave it another try.

Eventually, I couldn't the fact that we were in VERY different life places that never matched up. I had a lot more career/life experience so I always felt I was his support, while he didn't have the tools to support me emotionally through my experience. He started to get insecure about my feelings and why I wanted him, and his insecurities on top of his lack of life experience pushed me away.

We ended things, and I made it very clear I didn't really want to be friends because I couldn't be "just friends" with him.

I disconnected him from my social media but he still keeps tabs on me. Occasionally liking, favoriting, and retweeting things going on in my life like my new job or stuff.

However, because his page is public, when I click his page after he likes/favorites my stuff, he subtweets me and trashes things he knows I love from out time together.

Why does he bother to like all my success and extend contact to me on social media if he just talks trash about all the personal things from when we were dating?


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  • He wants to be friends


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