What if a guy breaks up with you and texts you still?

If a guy says that you are done.. And tells you to pick up your things (man is a controlling)... But the day that you are suppose to pick up your stuff he texts you some negative things and some apologies. What do you make of it?


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  • I'd say continue to move out and let him think about what he's doing to the relationship. If he's got really bad control issues I would move on. Definitely don't stay under the same roof. Sounds like you guys need some serious space. Don't let anybody threaten you and kick you out just to "win" an argument. Sounds like he has some regrets. Make sure he feels them 100%

    • So does this mean he will text me?

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    • Yeah he blamed me
      For a lot.. He was negative and said I was

    • I texted him happy Father's Day and he responded nicely

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