Ex broke up cause 'its been 5 months'?

my boyrfiend recently broke up with me cause he says 'shit its been 5months, i just realised' 'i can't commit' 'i haven't seen my friends in ages, its too hard to juggle you, uni and work' but then he started crying? and saying like i can talk to him anytime? i just? wTF?

what are your thoughts?


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  • he has little time on his hand. he can't commit to you and uni and work and friends. so he chose to let you go.
    his loss he didn't love you anyway.

    • yeah i understand, the thing that made me feel like weird was the fact he started crying cause he never cries about anything

    • Could be fake or real love. Idk. But if you want him to stay then leave. "Ok i will give you the space you need"

    • im not going to stay with someone who isn't going to stay with me, so im not going to fight for him to come back, but yeah, just the crying got me sad haaha

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  • That's a stupid reason to break up with someone. If he can't put full time into a relationship and commitment to it then he isn't ready for a relationship. Those are stupid excuses to break up with someone no offense. My ex broke up with me because I guess I couldn't fit into his so called schedule. All and all, you can do so much better than that. He needs relationship counseling or therapy or something to help him. I'd say he just isn't ready yet to put in the work. He can't make time for his friends but he can't make time for you either, that's pretty said. A relationship is full time, not part time whatsoever. That person does not want have of you or part of you they want all of you. You deserve better my friend and better is headed your way. If he can't make time for you then he doesn't deserve you.

    • awww you're so sweet, im pretty offended by the fact that he's like 'i haven't seen my friends in ages' part , im sorry to hear that happened to you : you defs can find better as well :)

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    • Its ok its not your fault, I was stupid when he called my name I was walking I should've just kept on walking because something told me it was a trap. Its like he knows how to say he loves me but like he doesn't know how to show it. Plus he drinks now so that was kind of hard for me because I don't' want to date no alcoholic boyfriend. And then he hugged em all tight and I was wanted to say get off of me let me go, something but I guess I let my instincts get the best of me. I want a boyfriend that will make time for me, show me he loves me, nothing perfect I just want commitment and trust and honesty. Boys at my school are so immature and do nothing but hit on me and it so annoying and its mostly underclassmen. We haven't talked for 4 months and I'm so happy :D I'm just going to focus on school when time to go back, and if I meet a guy that I like or he likes me I'll be sure to be his friend first before we open up something more serious.

    • Thanks for the apologizes at least I'm not alone, that's okay I have someone better in my future but I won't get back on the dating train just yet.

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  • 1. he has commitment issues.
    2. he chose everything else OVER YOU.
    3. he obviously doesn't care about you that much then.
    4. look in the mirror and say " I'm a bad ass bitch and he's gonna miss this."
    5. go the hell out side and live your life.

    • Yeah, that's the right way to look at it, just make sure you say 'badass' as the word :D

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    • everybody cries when leaving someone, even if they don't really care... its a strange human reaction.

    • fair

  • He is an idiot who wants to have sex with several women before he commits and propably is also worried how his frienships are doing. To be honest he is weird

    • i just? like wtF

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    • i know he doesn't want to continue, but its just weird

    • You can get someone much more reliable and better.

  • What the hell with your ex?

    • i dont even know, he's im sorry i screwed up, i just dont want a relationship right now, i haven't seen my mates in so long, and i dont want to be the type of guy who says 'sorry i can't come out im seeing my gf' um excuse me we only saw each other like once a fkin week cause we both have busy lives like i manage work and uni and seeing my mates and him fine like? then he started crying and was like you're making me cry i never cry about anything, then goes on about how i can talk to him and we'll always catch up and stuff, it doesn't make any sense

    • Sorry if its not polite, but seems like he wanted only someone who sleep with! I think you are too good to be with that guy, honestly. I am so sorry to hear that, dear:(

    • i asked him that, but he's like 'i'd use a dirty whore for sex, i wouldn't be asking you what you want to do, how was your day, how was your week if i just wanted you for sex' and he's like 'i want you to know this wasn't for sex cause that is offensive to me' and stuff :|

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