Please help.. dont know what to do. if she have feeling for me or she's just playing..?

it started when we broke up last year, bcoz of family problems i dont want her to get involve in my problems bcoz we have a long distance relationship i dont want her to worry, so i decide not to contact her anymore so that she'll not get involve i was in a mess can think straight if its goes on we'll just fight and hurt each other so i avoided that.. after 4 months i started to contact her again but this time she's cold but i understand since i have done something wrong. for a few days pass by she started contacting me again and it was nice. so when she was going back in our hometown, out of nowhere she visited me. so we talk and i ask her for her forgiveness but she doesn't responsed and she just look at me, so we stop talkin and she left w/ her motorcycle, for a few mins later i decided to go to her play and i rode my motorcycle, but she just look at me with her cold eyes so i just went home. then the day pass and she was going back, she text ed me im going its good to see you i love you but it isn't our time baby soon we'll be together if its meant to be.. i was so happy when i read it. so i just believed it up until not. but a few month had pass she doesn't text me or contact me anymore, at times she text me at 3.00 am just to ask is when is the start of our semester, i was very confused so i answered it and she doesn't replied.. so i go to her workplace and is very far away i traveled 14hours just to surprise her. i ask what time is her out in her work but she doesn't replied so i waited from 1am to 8am but couldn't see her. she texted me surprises in her workplace is not necessary. and i ask her why you didn't reply she said she doesn't have any load so i just, replied its ok.. then i told her on the day when i was having an eye surgery she just said good luck and you can do it. after the surgery she texted me if we could be just friends so i told her that i still have feeling for her, and she said yeah i still dont understand why you never told me.
that made me feel unimportant. so i told her that i love her so much and told the reason. and now she doesn't contact me or even use Facebook anymore.. i just thought maybe she's just thinking about the situation.. :(


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  • really looks like she don't have feelings for you...when I read it right...:/
    Because...well...I think when she ask you if you 2 "could be just friends" then it would be really strange if she has feelings for you.
    Don't take it wrong bro, it happen too everybody sometime...but in my opinion you would just make yourself unhappy if you keep your heart on her.
    I can't control your love, do whatever you think is the best for you.
    But please don't have too many hopes that it will work...v.v

    • thank you bro.. my friends also told me that i should stop b'coz the girl is so close minded.. she even stop contact and she doesn't use Facebook anymore.. in the 1st place it was wrong of me not to tell her bcoz she was my other half..

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    • I don't know...:/
      Certainly I can give some advise somehow, somewhere but I can't look in her head, sorry...:c

    • aw sorry.. :) ill just ignore it then.. what she just did.

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