Long distance relationship ex still replies to my messages. Does it mean anything?

My ex boyfriend and I are on a "break" right now because he can't handle school and being in a long distance relationship. We used to talk everyday but since his second semester started and after seeing each other for a week he started to feel like he has no time for me and that he's not happy with his life and doesn't know what he wants anymore! He kept on telling me that he really liked me and loves being with me but can't can't be in a serious relationship right now. He also feels guilty that he's putting me on hold while he's in school trying to figure things out. So before I left he told me that if I find someone else I should go for it. And that he can't give me what I deserve. After that his messages seemed short and dry so I got mad and said its best if we take a break I think you need space to figure things out because you're hurting me now. He agreed with me and told me that he still likes me and respects how I'm handling all of this and said if we could get together in the future it would be good. So I check on him from time to time to see if he's okay his messages are nice but without any feelings so I told him that i don't wanna annoy him I just care about him and he said that it doesn't bother him it actually makes him feel better. He likes my pictures on social media or when I post something and we send each other snapchats. I sent him one saying I really miss u and he sent on back saying I miss u too! but he doesn't message me unless I message him first. Does this mean anything? I really care about him and I wanna be with him but i don't wanna pressure him with school. Advice please!!


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  • Wow awesome both of u are in love and well when u text him first its because he wants to hear what u have to say and thats respect and Imean his respect for u and u notice he wants to hear what u say too

    • Hey thanks you for commenting. Can you please explain what you mean by he wants to hear what I have to say?

    • Like he wants a conversations with u because he likes to hear and so he can understand your point and conversat more and more

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