How long after calling a quits with an old flame, does it become not awkward?

So pretty much me and a guy were friends, start liking each other blah blah blah "typical story"

Guy starts being a macho guy, rumors start typical, friends gossiping, pretty much H.S. behavior even though we're in college

So from 2nd semester of freshman year till now going on Junior year. I tried everything to fix and get the ball back rolling but nothing came of it. I said my final goodbyes and called a quits a few weeks ago. Pretty much saying I couldn't deal with childish behavior like that and there's no need for our names to even be associated in the same sentence.

So this weekend I went back to visit college town. Unfortunately we live about 2 blocks away from each other. I walked past his apartment and he's outside in the parking lot with a group of about 10 friends. They're all silent and then suddleny I just hear a voice his, quiet loudly saying "WTF"
Not sure if it was just shock but it definatly isn't the first time where he's been in a group with his friends and then starts to yell awkward things when I walk past.

Just wondering how long I should expect this behavior?
We're still going to live close, go to the same school and possibly even have class together again


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  • Give it six months to a year. It's normal for one side to feel hurt angry initially, but this dissipates over time.

    • Wow that seems like a long time
      Basically a whole extra year of wasted time on the same person.

      Totally dishearting.
      So if I decided to date again would they be a rebound o_O since it takes 6-1 year

    • Yeah, anything less than six months would definitely be a rebound. You need time to grieve and heal, even if you were the one who ended it. And that is really not that long.

    • Haha guess I'm rebounding
      I have 4 years of college with eligible guys. I've already wasted half of it. Add a year of grieving to that 75% of my college career. Way Long

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  • You should expect this behavior for a while until they finally grow up and stop acting so childish


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