What the Hell do I do? She wants a break, and denies that she is cheating, or in love with someone else... but I don't feel like she is?

I've been with my ex girlfriend for five years. We have a long distance relationship, but we never honestly cared about it in the beginning. I did fall in love with her right away, it was all about her personality, her voice, her laughter, no matter what I always got the butterflies whenever we talked, and so we hit it off, and moved our friendship a little more further. We started meeting each other in person, for three years. It was great, amazing, almost perfect every time we were together.
But then, things started to fall apart, as soon as my ex got a job. She started working with a few guys, and soon started to love the attention she was getting. Even though I'm not around, I can see how she can enjoy having some heads turn her way. However, what makes this all difficult for me to swallow, is the fact that she never openly acknowledges her relationship with me. My ex, was slightly embarrassed, because her co-workers were bashing her about it, including me. When she told me this, I assured her that none of things were true, because they don't know us like we know each other! I don't know if those words stayed true, because after that, some of these guys were flirting with her, teasing her, and touching her (Non sexually), I'm not saying all of them, but only a few. My ex, even made friends with one of them who I despise, because of the way he has completely disrespected our relationship including me. My ex never said anything or took actions. Instead she plays some game with him online. It's hard for me to trust her, because she doesn't respect my boundaries. I even told her I wasn't comfortable with any of this. All this happened when I went to visit her in NY. When I was there, she also went out to eat with him, because he was giving her a ride to the bus stop. When I went back to FL. things weren't the same, and I had a feeling she was seeing someone else. Ex: Search history, "I love my bf, but like someone else". "Urge to kiss someone".
To be more specific, she says she's confused, doesn't like the fact I accuse her of seeing someone, doesn't like the LDR, and doesn't seem to care to listen to my feelings, and respect them, I'm not asking for too much, IWANTOURRELATIONSHIPTOBEFAIR!


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  • I say you give her time to figure out what she wants. She seems confused but leaving you hanging is wrong, one day just ask her what she really feels for you so you know and if she lets you down for another guy, it's better than her seeing both of you at the same time.. so just ask but sometimes the truth hurts.

    • The truth does hurt... I found out (The guy I despise) and hey... it's alright, I hope she's happy... : /

    • Your username says it all. Don't worry I know how you feel it hurts, give it time and you'll meet someone better, loyal and consistent. Smile, you will love again :)

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  • Dude I promise you she's done. This is probably her way of lettin you done easy by saying "let's take a break". I've been told this by girls before and it always ends up with them dating other guys. They'll always come back around if they don't find someone better than you but that's girls for ya. Summer-omo- is right though. She could be breaking up with you for any of those reasons.

    What's my advice? Let her leave if that's what she wants. You can't do anything to get her back. You've had her for years and nothing will change her mind, nothing. You can't do anything about it. She'll decide if she wants to come back or not and from there you can decide if you want her back or not. Think about it, you've been with her for years and from my experience with relationships with women, especially 25 and under, they always want to experience other guys. They want to discover of there are other Better guys out there. You were with her for 5 years and that's all she knows.. She wants to be single again or know what it feels like to flirt and be with other men. So you need to kick that to the curb. Let her know if this is what she truly wants, you won't be around if she decides to come back. Be a man a stick up for your dignity. If she is TRULY needing some space which I doubt then sure, you can respect that but it she's out with other guys, i would never take her back. If it was me, I'd consider it a loss and move on to a girl who won't want to leave you. You offered her a solid relationship and she threw it away, you don't deserve that bro. I'm not saying getting Over her will be easy cause you've been together for many years but you have no other choice. You have to do this for yourself man. You deserve better

    • Honestly, I appreciate your advice. It's hard to even believe what she wants anymore... it does hurt like hell, and to tell you the truth, for these past few days, I've already balled my eyes out, now I'm just drinking my whole sorrow away. It's funny how at the end of the day, when you know that you're the only one that truly loves her, and she doesn't see it, it kills you inside. Even if you're a good man, a woman will always chase that spark. I wish mine didn't have to end this way. If she decides to come back, I hope she at least tells me what was going on, and hopefully, we can work our problems out. Otherwise... it looks like I have to start over. God I hate it!!!

    • I've been in your same shoes twice man. Don't take it personal man, girls just never know what they want. She's in a phase and you have to let it go. Delete her number don't follow her on ANY social media. You have to cut her off 100 percent in order to move forward. I'm sorry for your loss man but trust me, I've been where you're at and it hurts like hell, it'll take some time to move on. Who knows, she may come back real quick but you can't think about that or even hope for it. Don't call her, don't text her, don't creep her social media or you'll never move on. She'll probably contact you once you stop contacting her cause it shows her you don't care anymore. If you want to send a big message to her, don't respond AT ALL. More importantly, you don't need that shit bro. Don't allow yourself to keep you from what's best. CUT HER OFF COMPLETELY, you'll be thanking yourself after some time passes.

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  • girls can break up with you fro multiple reasons 1 other person 2 personal problem 3 something you did , or 4 she just doesn't want to be with you. easy as that its gonna take time to get over her

    • I don't know, I feel that at the end of the day, if she really wants me, then she will come back and work it out. Sadly I don't see that happening, if I did, she would be with me, working out our problems, and figuring out how to lay down ground rules. However, she's way too immature, instead, she chooses her friends, over me. I don't feel like she's loyal.

    • yeah thats true

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