Breakup with my boyfriend aka my best friend for 3 years?

I recently broke up with my boyfriend of 2 weeks who was my best friend for 3 years before we got together. Reason for the breakup is because he said he realized he loves me more like a sister and he has mistaken it to be a girlfriend love.

I'm cutting this short but basically i quarreled with him and he wanted to still be friends like normal but i said no because i can't help it but think of the times when we laughed, we held hands and kissed. I just couldn't believe he would hurt me like this because he always said i'm important to him even before we got together. I risked our friendship to be with him because i feel that we are possible and that if we were together it would be easier since we know each other for so long? But apparently, that's what i thought.

These few days on Facebook he just keep indirecting me like saying stuffs like "I can't lose you", "you mean the world to me", "Have the urge to talk to you but it'll just worsen things", "probably better with me out of your life" and stuffs. Like i feel that there can be many possibilities behind it because it could mean either he still loves me as a girlfriend or he wants me to be his best friend again, mixed signals.

I just can't deal with this since i knew him for so long, i'm really falling for him and that's why things can never be the same anymore. We stopped texting since our breakup but his Facebook just keep mentioning these and i don't know what he meant. HELP? :(


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What Guys Said 1

  • May be he wants you to feel good, or he might change his mind and would want u back
    Maybe you could Just text him and ask him what he wants. Ok


What Girls Said 1

  • Some people are genuinely better off as friends than romantic partners. Looks like you found your best friend. It sucks, but he feels how he feels.

    And c'mon, girl! It was ONLY a 2 week relationship! I mean, I get that it was still a relationship, but really now. Are you willing to throw away a 3 year friendship because it got awkward when you two swapped spit once or twice?

    Guys generally say what they mean. They don't go beating around the bush. He said he loves you as a sister. So he loves you as a sister. No romantic attraction. Sorry.

    Either get over the awkwardness and be friends again or sacrifice your entire friendship. If you were really best friends you'd move beyond this.

    I know it's rough, but trust me, you'll go through WAY worse break ups in the future.

    Sorry I'm not very encouraging, but that's the way it is sometimes.


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