Why do so many guys act like they don't care?

Especially after a fight or a disagreement. It's simple, it takes two, get over it and be nice... but NO, it's like they have to act cold, or play it cool. Is the ego of a man THAT sensitive that he has to act more like a woman than I do?

I mean, I don't get it. I mean, why bother texting me or responding at all if you don't wanna talk anymore?


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  • I don't know guys like that get me mad, like ok we had an argument whatever and he's there like he dosent care.


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  • that's how guys deal with drama. not drama for you I mean like drama for a guy is like that lol.

    • Gotcha, ty for the help.

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    • too fast could be it:p possibly. well another catch will come along and you'll be happy again:) but the important thing is now you've experienced this type of deal and are prepared for the future!:D

    • True, thanks :)

  • It depends on whether predictably retaliation or silence has the better ratio of effort versus result. If we're talking about an argument, anyways.

    Afterwards? Eh, people get hurt over things. It happens. It's natural to stop wanting to be with something that causes you harm, that's why you don't pick fights with boiling pots in the kitchen either: they hurt.

  • It depends what was said in an argument, if the woman said something which I felt was below the belt and made me feel small, then I'd need a few days to get over it as it were.

    You can't argue with someone, say something hurtful and then expect the guy to act as though nothing has happened.

    • No it was the other way around. I explained why I said what I did, and it was HIM who said meaner things than I did. But thanks for your help here :)

    • Then he should apologize for his actions and not sulk like a child.

  • You don't get it at all. It's not ego, it's certainly not "sensitive" ego... much as you obviously want to believe that.

    If we seem to not care? It's because we don't care. Men are simple that way, and women always overestimate the complexity of men.

    If it looks like we don't give a shit? We don't give a shit.

    Why bother texting? Because there's a question or something most likely. Something trivial that requires an answer but not a phone call. And that's why we text, but stop there. Because it was never ever about wanting to have a *conversation*.

    • I find it so hard someone who can go off, get immediately PISSED off and mad somehow doesn't care. Truth be told, even if the texts were nice, it doesn't mean jack shit. It's in your actions what counts... and someone being petty is just petty and immature.

    • If a guy didn't care, then why go to the trouble of arguing or bringing up issues that bother him. If you cared to communicate in the first place, I'm pretty sure you still care. It's human nature to want closure.

    • Thanks... I only know caring goes both ways, and I've shown him caring about him, all I'm seeing is him still only caring about him, which is how/why the fight happened in the first place. Oh well, this is how we get to know people I guess.

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  • That's what happened with the last guy I was with. I got upset, so he stopped talking to me.
    "Smart money bettin' I'll be better off without you,
    In no time, I'll be forgettin' all about you."

  • I hope some guys answer this, because this is my predicament. I wish guys were up front about how they feel and what we can do to fix whatever issues we're responsible for.

    • And I hate that they DENY they act this way of being hurt. They SO act like babies, sulking and pouting far more than we do.

    • I do find that at times it seems the other person can't say enough to reassure what their intentions are or the level they care for you. We want them to say what we want, but that's not realistic. We all need to take what the other person is saying and digest it instead of thinking it is not good enough.

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