Battle of the heart and mind? Please advise?

So my bf and I have about 2 weeks weve broken up and he has told me we are too different and we can't be together right now. He feels I have hurt him and says for now we can only be friends until I learn to trust you. Well, I know he's txting new girls but him and I work together and when we are together he's flirty and last night he was even kissing me he said I told him please can we try one more time he said no.. we can only be friends... I said why are you kissing me than he said because im still physically attracted to you.. I said so if I leave are you goin to miss me he wld look away and smile.. overall im confused on what to do... he seems very strong about his decision Everytime I talk to him about it but at the end of the day he has hugged me and kissed me.. what bothers me is he showed my bff a pic of the new girl.. I feel hurt and it makes me not want to try at the same time it seems like he has a battle going on... should I pursue him and fight for it? Or do you think he is just stringing me along? Please help any advice is appreciated


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  • It sounds like he's really not into you but wants keep you around on his back bunner in case things don't work out with the other girl but as far as staying or going thats up to you 2. Maybe you can work out deal like a friend with benefits thing that way you could be together and still see other people

    • I dnt want to be a friend with benefits.. I wnt share... I know him n that girl haven't gone out yet he just met her a couple of days ago and I usually know where he's at n he calls me at the end of the night... when he talks about how I hurt him he gets so angry and wants to walk away but yet as I hug him its like he forgets what he's mad abt.. when he looks at me he still gives me that same look of dazing into my eyes... I feel in my heart he still has feelings for me and I shld fight to get him back

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    • Thanks for the most helpful

    • No thank you :)

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