On a "break" with my girlfriend for a week and she texts me "I need talk to talk you" a week later. What should I expect or do?

Me and my girlfriend have been dating now for about 7 months and a week ago she said she needed a "break." She told me she needed a break for a week, and that she had a lot on her plate and needed to figure things out, but that she still "Loved me." I know for a fact that she did have a lot on her plate, between family, college, and her depression she's been dealing with. I just don't understand why she'd throw me out when everything else isn't going right. We had a love/hate relationship, which I know isn't the best relationship, but I knew some bad stuff happened to her before we dated, which might be a reason for how she acted sometimes. She is insecure, moody, and has anxiety. I was more understanding of these things because I once dealt with things like this, but I grew out of it when I entered college. With our love/hate relationship we would always get in fights with each other and she would make deal out of every little thing I didn't do right. I do admit that being together almost 247 for 7 months probably didn't help and that we might had gone too quick in our relationship, but there were a lot of things we enjoyed while being together. However, after 6 months of being together things started to become worse when her ex-boyfriend started texting her again. Her exboyfriend is the one who ended her previous relationship, and I noticed she would always text him and stuff. I told her I felt bad with her texting him and that I would rather her not, but she kept doing it anyways which lead to issues. I also knew her ex bf would be texting her saying how he missed being with her, which made me more uneasy. After a month of craziness we managed to work things out, but then she said she wanted a break for a week to figure stuff out without talking to me. During our week break I played NoContact and she kept breaking her rule and texted me a few times. After a week break she texts me saying "I need to talk to you." What does this mean? I'm freaking out. Suggestions?


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  • I know you love her, but it was very unacceptable of her (imo) to continue texting her ex when you asked her not to‚Ķespecially knowing he was being inappropriate with her (a girl in a relationship). Very disrespectful, if you ask me.


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  • Personally, man. I'd expect the worst.

    I mean, there's a chance that she's come to her senses and realizes how much she loves having you in her life, but there's a better-than-not chance that she's decided to break up with you or that she and her ex-boyfriend are reconciling.

    When someone needs "a week to figure things out" that usually does NOT mean "I'm going to sit here for a week in my free time and try to work this out in my head". It usually means "I need you out of the way for a week so that I can do X, but I don't want to completely get rid of you in case it doesn't work out" - X usually meaning something like "try getting back together with my ex" or "sleep with that person I met at work" - stuff like that.

    So, I mean, it could be that she wanted to try getting back with her ex and wanted to be able to tell him that she broke things off with you, and it could be that as soon as she mentioned it he was like "Um, no, I'm done with you, and I've been telling you I miss you so that I don't sound like a complete asshole" and so she's been trying to get in touch with you to pull you back in, but that's not the scenario I'd expect.

    If she does want you back, I'd try my best to find out what happened to make up her mind, and what she did with her time off.

    • I was thinking she was, but something in the back of my head says no. She's been breaking NoContact during our one week break and has been liking all my stuff through Facebook, instragram, etc seeing how good of a time I'm having without her. And before she told me she need to "talk to me" she texted me I should come up and see (She's up in college still, I went home for a month, but I'm coming back tomorrow for a concert).

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  • Either she is going to dump you out right, or she is going to tell you she wants to be friends. She will probably end up with her ex and slowly fade out of your life. The other thought is that she is going to tell you she is ready to pick things up where you left off. Then again she could say she wants to see other people. The no contact and I need to figure things out on my own is a weird way to handle a relationship. I wish I could give you better advice, but these are the only scenarios I can come up with.

  • Girls say they want a break when they really want to break up, but don't have the guts.

    Guys generally say they want a break when they need space, but because it's not what women mean it's rarely what they hear when a guy says it.

    Stop freaking out, but expect this is the end. These things happen. Start emotionally dealing with it now, so you don't fall apart in front of her.


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