Love is worth fighting for but how?

My bf and I have been broken up for at least a week and a half... I know he has trust issues with me and although he says we can only be friends he has also hugged me and kissed me... in my heart I feel he still has feelings for me but is so hurt that he can't get past that just yet and I need to build that trust... he is not about materialistic things at all he is very simple.. with that being said I want to show him how much I truly love him and how I never want to hurt him again.. so help me with what I cld do that wld soften his heart even more... its obvious his feelings are there its just the hurt he can't get past just yet


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  • I wouldn't assume that, i think you guys need to talk a bit. But if we go off of what you just said, he does still love you. He hugs you and kisses you even though you guys are apart, so that is something special. Love is worth fighting for if it is the same for the other person even though their not saying it out loud, trust me i know exactly what you mean, i actually used to be in the same situation, but slightly different. I was told "You will forgive, but you will never forget" by my fiance when we were in this situation, except it was reversed, he cheated, etc. Which, he was right, I will never forget what he did, but i forgave him for it. And now we are engaged and have an amazing child.

    • Aww im so happy things worked out for you.. I hope I have the same outcome.. yeah when things were great he told me one time "one day I will marry you" and that has stuck with me because I've never felt this way before but I feel im ready to marry him he just has to ask.. however, when we were dating I hurt him by him seeing guy friends on my phone. a few dumb ex bfs who randomly wld message "hey hunny" "hey beautiful" he wld see that and wld say I disrespected him by not putting a stop to it.. I never hung out with them nor had interest in them so I wld just text back ":)" or "lol" I shrugged it off but in his eyes I cheated on him and since than when he talk about how hurt he is he brings up that and tries to walk away.. but I held him tight hugged him and kissed him and he kissed me back

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    • Thank you sweetheart!!

    • Your welcome hun

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  • Love is an ooppeeenn DDDDOOOOOOOOOOOORRR~!


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  • what did you do to hurt him. there are certain things you just can't forgive or forget about.

    • He saw guy friends on my. phone and they wld sent me texted like "hey beautiful" "hi hunny" I wld just text back ":)" "lol" I wldnt hang out with nor have feelings towards them that's why I wld just text that and shrug it off in the times he wld look through my phone these guys randomly wld text me and my bf at the time saw them... to him its like I cheated because he said he cnt trust me and I was disrespectful to him.. but I truly didn't cheat but to him its like I did and I cnt change that only hope I can show him he's truly the only one I care abt.. I deleted them off my phone eventually but our relationshiphaahas gone downhill since and he said he wants us to be friends for now because he doesn't want to go through the hurt again.. he's afraid of looking through my phone and seeing a random guy again

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