How long after a break up should I wait to contact my ex? I still love him?

so everything was fine with my boyfriend we had a few issues the past few months were i had said i wanted to break up because i didn't feel i was being treated nicely but we talked and worked all our issues out. then this past weekend he was very rude to me on the phone and i had a complete nervous breakdown from the horrible week i had plus i missed 2 days of my depression medication. i went to his house the next morning and said its over... regretting it i began panicking and calling him and said i was so depressed i was going to kill myself. then i went to his house crying and he told me its over and he can't deal with this. later i found out he wasn't taking his bi polar meds. i really love him and miss him so much but i feel like i should wait for him to contact me first considering i went to the hospital with a really bad anxiety attack right after. im so scared he's gunna think im crazy and never contact me again because he said to leave him alone.


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  • i think he decided you are hurting him too much or he can´t handle you. never even think about killing yourself over a relationship, because a short time later, even you realize, it was dumb. don´t ever threaten anybody again with it. its one of the worst things to do to a person in general.

  • I am sorry, but it is over. Yelling someone you'll kill yourself is a guaranteed relationship ender. The fact that you both needed behavioral medication also didn't help things. I'm sure you'll find someone with a but more stability to be with.

    • i didn't yell it i texted him that before i went over cuz he didn't respond cuz he said he didn't believe me.

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    • alright well i disagree but thanks for ur input. i know i shouldn't have said it but if he's been my boyfriend for almost 2 years he should care especially when he was telling me he loved me 2 days before and everything was fine

    • Well I wish you the best.

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