Should I tell my ex-girlfriend (Who I work with) that I have a job interview somewhere else. I am currently trying to have little contact with her?

We broke up while back over future plans that never actually happened. She wanted to settle down (she is quite a bit older) and I was going to uni but now I'm not. I think it was all a codeword for "you are too young for me"

I have been working with her for 7 months and she has recently started seeing someone. I have played it cool and I have even met him and got on with him. However I am fairly sure this is a rebound as she has indicated to me that he doesn't quite compare to me. And now I have started not really talking to her, she is quietly irate... and not even quietly in the beginning.

I want to be with her. No contact is working but I hate my job and I have an interview at another place. Should I be telling her? She knows I have wanted another job since I started there. Will a job move be the end?

She has told me I am the only good thing about working there. And that is even since this new guy on the scene. but she has taken advantage of my kindness and expected me to be there waiting forever.


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  • Move on. Go to the interview. Once you get that job, you'll be meeting new people.

    • I meet people everyday. I have moved on and come back. It's not that I can't live without her. It is that I want to live with her.

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    • Yeah, I think I probably will. It will mean breaking my silence with her but I guess some things call for it. Thanks.

    • Good luck!

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