In a LTR not sure I want to be in it & not sure what I want. really like another girl who won't talk to me because I have a gf. help me what do I do?

me and my gf have been together since highschool and now were 25. she wants to get married i dont know what i want though yet. i keep telling her well get married someday but i know i'm just saying that to keep her quite. she's pushing now and wants to set a date but im really not sure if i want to be with her. how do i figure out if i want to be with her? we broke up twice before but got back together im so used to having her in my life and im very close with her family our brothers are close, our parents kno each other and we go to each others family events.

i know another girl for a while too and i really like her too she is awesome we have so much to talk about and laugh about. we talk every single day about everything. she is really a number too she's so hot. all my friends thing she's smokin. her and my gf dont know each other they never met. she's a friend of a friend of a friend i met once and took her phone # and we kept in touch since. she knows I have a gf so she doesn't cross the line but one time i asked her if she likes me or thinks im hot and she said yes to both. we hang out alone sometimes but nothing ever happened. i get jealous when i know she goes with other guys it drives me crazy i dont want her to date other guys but i tell her to so she dont kno how i feel.

now she cut me off she won't talk to me

she said she won't talk to me anymore because i have a gf.

so i dont know what to do. my gf is loyal. obviously this girl isn't loyal bcus she bounced on our friendship right? if she was loyal she would have stuck to our friendship?

she said that i led her on i made her think i like her bcus i talk about breaking up with my gf. i know i made that mistake i shouldn't have done that. i said it a lot of times so now she thinks i was just leading her on.

i miss talkin to this girl

i dont know what to do i mean she just moved on doesn't care to talk to me anymore.

what do i do?


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  • I'd first forget about the other girl and mostly focus on your relationship with your gf. Change the question from "do i want my girlfriend, or this other girl" to "do i want my girlfriend" in general.


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  • Well it not fair to your gf who loyal and only has feelings for you. So to me your not right and you did lead the other girl on abit so your playing fields and really you dont deserve either.
    You have a decision to make and you gf deserve to know what going on.
    And I would tell her the truth. If you want your gf and pick her do not go talk to that girl let her be and be happy you have someone that life temptations out their it either your happy with your gf and wanna be with her or you dont so answer that question 1st.
    Also if you dont wanna be with your gf and really want that girl break up with your gf and be honest why it over even tho it will hurt her. And then see if that girl is still around. And if something can happen between you two.

    I get it you may wanna try to be with someone else since im guessing you only been with one girl i get that I felt like that too but that was because I no longer was feeling the relationship but I didn't go feel out other people sure I was attracted to other people but didn't care because I was with someone and I tried to talk it out and make it work until we couldnt any more. Maybe it time for you to break it off I dont really know for sure but make a decision asap. It unfair to your gf.

    • how long were you in ur relationship for? who broke it off? was it hard to break up?

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    • yah its hard making decisions thanks for ur opinion

    • No prob. And just take a day or two away from your bf and think about it.

  • I would look at your gf and her. Obviously if you have yet to leave your gf, you still have feelings for her besides common ground. And this girl could be very loyal, but she is also being respectful. She doesn't want to ruin what you and your gf have. and you telling her about how you want to break up with your gf, gives it away that you like her and she thinks it is her fault you want to split from your gf.


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