How to deal with a break up when you're totally in love?

I can admit that I am obsessed with my EX. We've been together for about 7 months and he is my first everything. I love him dearly but I dont get the impression that he feels the same for me. I'm hurting everyday because of this, so I finally pulled the plug. We break up all the time but somehow get back together. It's so hard and im tempted to reach out again but im tired of feeling this way. Its my fault I checked his phone but I found out that he was still sleeping with his baby mother. It hurts and I know im dumb if I stick around. How can I deal with this? I need help!


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  • Tbh... My gf got up and left me when I though we were perfect!! I was so in love with her, i was fighting for her daily!! Then I find out that she is talking to other guys not only 2 days after we break up!!! Then I go to findout she has a crush on another guy a week later!! I was so in love and she left me for 2 and 1/2 years on and off.

    Trust me, it sucks ass.

    I feel that when you find out who the person truly is you will soon not like them.

    I went from in love and now when she calls or texts me or texts my friends asking about me i and we ignore her simply because i am discusted.

    I slowly resented her.. But for my advice


    Thats how you do it, and time as well.

    It hurts. I think about her all the time. But im keeping my head high and moving on.

    You can do better. Much better. You dont see it yet.

    Stay happy and be happy :)


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  • Here's what you do.
    [1] Buy 2 6 packs of Coor's Light
    [2] Go home and turn your laptop/computer on
    [3] Put sad music on
    [4] Cry
    [5] Do this until you realize how pathetic it is and get over it

  • What worked for me was an outlet. The one and first girl I've had moved to another US state and it tore me apart. After a lot of pain I put all of my being into my hobbies. Sadness takes a lot of energy out of a person and exhausting yourself with something you enjoy is a great way to keep you from dwelling on this. :)


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  • I was obsessed over my ex to when he broke up with me. But it does hurt but it takes time to heal. I would distract yourself with things, get a job go out with friends, etc. If he isn't giving you what you deserve then I would say don't be with him. There are more fishes in the sea you just gotta go out and find them. They're someone out there for everybody. I know I know it hurts it took me 5 months to heal. Now my ex and I don't say a word to each other and that's how its supposed to be. If your hurting more than your loving then you are probably not in the right relationship. Go out and meet new people.

    • Its hard to walk away when he keeps telling me he still wants to be with me.

    • Well then how does he treat you.. . Like you don't exist or something? If he still wants to be with you ask him to prove it somehow.

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