Messy, confusing, heartless, unexpected breakup?

I was in a relationship with someone for 6 months and after 2weeks of hitting the 6 month mark I wanted my ex and I to get closer, so I told him what I wanted to do with my life. No my ex had wanted to go into the Navy but was uncertain about the Navy because he wanted to work on cars; regardless, I supported him 100%. As soon as I told him I wanted to do real estate and then eventually international real estate, he said," I don't want to sound like I don't support you, but it sounds impossible." After all the support I gave him, I didn't feel that from him. I took a day to figure out what I was going to say to him because I didn't want to break up, I wanted to work everything out. He texts me after that day and says, "Hey, wassup," I told him I had been thinking, and he said me to; then he went on to say, "We are drifting apart," my heart dropped to my stomach and I felt he was about to break up with me. I told him I still wanted to do real estate and he said well I don't want to do this throught text, lets skype. I decided to not wait to Skype and I told him to just break up with me, and he said lets do it "mutually." I saw him tweet, and it suprised me because he never is on twitter, and he basically tweeted about moving on. So I quoted that tweeted and added him and went off on him for never loving me, but loving the idea of being in a realtionship with me. He asked me if I really wanted to do this on Twitter so we spoke on the phone. So he blames me for us breaking up because I misinterpreted his text. Then he went on to tell me that we were arguing a lot and we didn't have anything in common. I told him that we had past the 6month mark so we were going to argue and fight, but you work it out. He went on to tell me that I sounded like I wanted to get back with him. I am confused, heartbroken, and I don't want anything to do with being in a relationship. Did I misinterpret the text? Is it my fault, because he definitely succeeded at making me feel worthless.


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  • I think its all on him. he seems to be breaking up over something so little and then making excuses out of them:p what guy would normally do that? haha. it seems like his perfect cover up


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