How do I move on from my ex, as soon as possible?

my boyfriend broke up with me around 2 weeks ago, he started crying and saying all this stuff like don't sell yourself short of your intelligence because i know you do, you can call me/message me anytime, we'll catch up after exams (which finishes in like a week or so)

everytime, i think about it i get upset, but then like 5 mins later, i'm ok again.
it feels weird being upset then ok, then being upset then being ok like is this even normal?

i hope i make sense


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  • It is normal, and the human heart is something complicated, everyone reacts differently. I would suggest you be consumed by your passions. If you love to write, read, watch movies then do the things you love. Be with family and friends and keep yourself busy getting better with things. Pain and memories will still be there but with people you can be stronger. With a passion you can focus those emotions to that instead. hope I could help in some way. I am passing through something similar.

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  • its normal because its all still so fresh. thats why your emotions keep teeter tottering.


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