I feel like my life is over, he's gone?

Me and my ex broke up because of distance in November but began seeing each other again 'casually' in march because I moved back.
We recently stopped all this because he decided he didn't want a relationship and needed to work on his own mental state. I had been noticing that it would be like a relationship when we were hanging out but he became distant the rest of the time (although my friend said it was just a boy thing)
He really hurt me and had given up on something good. What we had was real, it wasn't any superficial stuff, I have been I love before, but I honestly felt like he was the love of my life!
I care about him so much and would give anything to one day have him feel the same way.
I feel like a failure. I can't sleep, I can't eat, I just don't know what to do anymore...


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  • i nthink its time to move on. and i think everybody had this situation once in a lifetime, so dont worry just move on and find someone else


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  • well think about this.. is he worth your time and stress if he is being distant? Make sure the feelings are mutual for him as well and its not just some one sided thing. If he does feel the same way about you then give him time to fix himself. There is clearly a reason for why he has become so distant.. figure out what it is so you can move on with or without him.


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  • Your old life is over and your new life has just begun!

    Start over go somewhere new, change yourself. It will hurt and then it won't and you'll find yourself again.


  • This is (almost) word for word with what happened with the last person I was seeing.
    It will pass with time, just like any heart break. I know how you feel and it sucks.


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