My ex may want to try to get back together but I'm not sure?

My BF broke up with me two weeks ago. The other day he sent me a non obligatory email with a friendly note and signed off xoxo? Then called me for a stupid reason. He asked to email him when I was on vacation and that we should hang out the next time I am in his neck of the woods (he lives far). There were lots of long pauses where he said nothing. Thoughts?


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  • Why did he break up with you? He may be having regrets or be missing you, I've broken up with girls and have missed them but it doesn't mean I wanted to get back together with them. Go with your gut, if I've learned anything about life, things don't really change easily, if you had trouble, there's probably the same trouble ahead.

    • He broke up with me abruptly after getting very close to me the month before- we were dating for 6 months. Says he wasn't "feeling it" which seemed so out of the blue. He is just recently divorced from his wife too... He kept saying that he was going to be "around" all summer... it might be that he knows I'm going on vaca and is getting territorial/ jealous

    • Oh the divorce thing is key, I've never been married but I've heard over and over to never date a recently divorced person, and I've heard divorced men are especially hard to date. After you help them get healed then they wanna see what's available, maybe he's just keeping you close just in case. Anyway I'm not your best source for an opinion. He could be just nervous about getting close again or he could just plain be a dickhead, be careful and good luck!

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  • I think he's lonely, I don't think he wants you though

    • He broke up with me very suddenly after being so close the month before. It sounds like there was another girl that didn't work out or he is jealous/territorial that I am going on vacation with some girlfriends

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