What does she really want? Finally talking again after being a part for about a month?

Quickly... my ex and I haven't seen much of one another for a few weeks besides when I dropped flowers off to congratulate her on her new job. She was very receptive and open to talking. The previous day she had expressed that she missed and loved me. Also was open to getting together to hang out soon.
This was all after a couple of weeks where she was really angry with me and said there was no relationship bc I hurt her. Now things seem to be a lot different the only thing is she only communicates when I initiate the contact.
Ladies... this is driving me crazy bc im giving her space but I miss her so much but dont know what she wants or where she's at. Im all about taking things slow and going with the flow but want to know if there's a chance down the road.


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  • Well I think you should talk to her and ask her if you two still have a chance and take things from there, when she said what she said about you guys not being together she probably did it out of anger and now she's realizing what she said and what she really wants, I personally think she's figuring things out at her own pace right now (:

    • Yeah and one of the first things she said in an email was that its tough on us both and space is necessary right now. I wasn't sure what she meant by that. But I do know it has helped. She also said she has been keeping herself distracted. What do those things mean to you? Makes me think she is distancing herself but at the same time responds everytime I her (which hasn't been much lately)

    • Okay the whole distracting herself thing i think she's trying to run away from the situation I think she's trying to convince herself it never happened because she does love you and she doesn't want the relationship to end but she's torn because what you did was wrong in her eyes but she also, like I said, doesn't wanna let you go!

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  • It's striking to me the extent that men expect women to take charge... it's your life, too. Don't be passive. I am not saying be aggressive, but why not take the lead and ask to take her to a movie, or out somewhere?

    • Oh its not like that. I contacted her and surprised her with flowers the other day. In the email she said we could get together soon but she's booked this week and we have plans to go to church together next sunday. I just dont want to pressure her but she isn't initiating contact so im not sure where her head is.

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    • I agree and now this talk about starting over from the bottom as friends based on her feelings and going with the flow

    • Sorry don't do that - it's a downgrade. No relationship, move on, NO contact. Over, because then feelings will drag on and so will the hurt.

  • well she does want you back, that's kinda obvious, just rebuild your relationship with her slowly!

    • Yeah part of me feels that. Im just used to us communicating more without me forcing it. Its hard bc I know I made the mistake the put us here but we both talked about a future together.

    • i guess she's still hurt and needs to like heal the wound. you shouldn't force yourself on her though, take it easy, this will take time

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