Broke up with bf, surprisingly I'm not that upset?

My bf and I broke up this morning. We were together for almost 2 years. I'm surprised that I'm not more upset and devasted by this. I'm sad but I feel ok. Does it mean that I didn't care for him all that much if I'm not heartbroken? I loved him so much but I just don't understand why I'm not in years.

Also, he refuses to take back his things and insists on leaving them still at my apartment. Why is that? And he hasn't mentioned giving me back my things.


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  • Well giving stuff back and it's been less than a day is pretty fast. Maybe it hasn't even registered with him yet? Props for being strong, but it really has been less than a day.

    • I feel like in order to move on, things should be returned quickly, numbers deleted, etc. maybe that's just me though? I would feel worse with his things around, they're memories. :(

    • I understand. I am the same way. But me throwing everything away immediately was actually a defense mechanism, more like trying to forget than actually trying to cope with the situation.

    • I understand that. That's true for me

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  • pain is a funny way of absorbing your life. Unlike her, Im messed up bad. I took off 2 weeks from work. I haven't eaten or slept. I feel like I been an a car accident and I can't move. The pain will come slowly, you just gotta know how to get past it...

    • I'm sorry you're going through a tough breakup :(

    • ty.. kicker is, she never really did love me I found out. she just used me for shit.

  • Maybe those things remind him of your time together and he wants a clean cut.
    Maybe those things fuel the hope that he can still have a foot in the door with you. A reason to visit.

    If you do not feel anything, than you are either heartless or you didn't really love him.
    Were you ever really heartbroken before?

    • I have had my heart broken before. Guys I've dated for less then the time we've been together have made me cry my eyes out.

      We loved each other, we told each other that within a few weeks of dating. We talked about getting married and having a family and our future. This is why I'm confused about my feelings. I love him more then anyone else I've been with, yet I'm not that upset

  • You've outgrown the relationship that's all. In your mind you've moved on and probably did so prior to the break up. That doesn't mean to say you won't feel saddened by the split in the future though.

  • wait for another 2 days or week and lets see. lol


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