Is my ex considering being with me again?

my ex and I dated for almost 2 years. we went through hell and still came out together. we always knew we would get married one day. also, we always knew we'd break up and get back together one day just because we both had a lot of maturing to do. when we were almost at our one year, we broke up and he said we'd never get back together. during that time I started talking to a new guy. after two weeks my ex started coming around and wanted to get back together. this is when he knew he really loved me and knew we'd one day get married. we officially never got back together and I started talking to the new guy again. I did this for awhile because I wasn't sure who I wanted to be with. everyone told me the new guy because of everything my ex and I had been through. one day, I had the new guy over and my ex showed up and he flipped and said some mean stuff and acted like a fool. for 5 months he wouldn't text me back or call me at all. finally, he texted me and told me he'd come over and we could talk. he told me he hooked up with girls and it helped but he did miss me. we didn't establish anything else and then I started dating the new guy and my ex still hung with me and told me he loved me. the new guy and I recently broke up and my ex came over one night and we had sex because he said he had been thinking about me a lot recently and wanted to have sex with me because we still loved each other. he said he hadn't had sex with anyone else since we patched things up because he had no desire to anymore. we text when necessary and we hang sometimes. we haven't talked about us because I don't wanna bring it up. help?
also, on our would be two years which was during the 5 months he wouldn't talk to me, he said it was hard to not text me


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  • Being you have had this On and Off roller Coaster relationship of breaking up and making up, it's time you both put the brakes on and----Go Slow now.
    You both need to sit down, for once and for all, and really have a serious convo of what is going on here, and Why this is happening? You're up and down, all around, and coming back to full circle of in between the sheets, leaving You in the dark as of now. Open lines of communication is important, and needs to be addressed before you both end up Finally losing site of what is really important here----A real future together. I am not seeing this unless some decisions and compromise are made of where you Both stand.
    Yes, you Need to 'bring it up,' or just continue going in circles, with never any real answers or any real relationship.
    There's an old expression I am sure you have heard of: "Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em." If you don't want to see your relationship end up as a 'Friends with benefits' factor, sit down and start talking.
    Good luck. xx


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