If you didn't want to get back with your ex would you want to keep things to remind you of him/her? Why mixed signals?

Im going through a break up where my ex has been hot and cold. We finally started talking again and having good conversations. She said she missed and loved me just a couple days ago. We even made plans to hang out next week.
We were chatting again today and things were fine until she said she wasn't ready to see me and I asked why. It led to previous talks of relationships and why we broke up. She was back to being angry. So I said ok we won't talk and I asked if she would like me to get all the stuff I bought for her bc I know she doesn't like to keep things of her ex. She right away said NO bc they are special to her. Then asked if this meant I was not going to talk to her anymore bc she said she doesn't want me out of her life and wants to start over. This was after she stated we should both move on.
Im so confused by what she wants. She has said several time she wants space but talks to me. She said several times she wasn't seeing anyone.
Im going no contact! Maybe she still needs to figure out what she wants and when she's ready or not ill know.


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  • I think she knows that she needs to move on, but can't seem to completely shake her attraction for you. She wants to see you because she misses the good times she's had with you, but every time she gets close, the things involving the break-up surface in her mind and block her from being able to enjoy your company. Her mind and heart are working against one another. It's kind of like being mesmerized by a fire. From afar, it looks pretty and you draw near, but get too close and get burned. You are the fire, and she's struggling because she wants to get close again without getting “burned” (burdened by thoughts of your break-up) and can't figure out how to work that. The fire only exists in her mind, and at this point, it's up to her whether she figures out how to extinguish it or decides she needs to move on. Hope this helps.


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