Is there still hope to get him back?

I asked about this person/situation last month, but there's some updates... The paragraph below is basically what I already asked, but the following paragraph is what happened since yesterday.

My ex broke up with me at the end of March... He never ruled out getting back together whenever I asked him. He said he didn't wanna lose me and wanted to at least be friends, if not more. I pushed him away the first few weeks after our breakup because I became very desperate, but then I have him a few weeks of space. I initiated contact and he at least made it seem like he was happy to get a text from me... The conversation was short and then he ignored my texts the next day. I gave it another week and he warmed up and even got to the point of wanting to talk on the phone and I could feel more emotion comi he from him but the conversation subject was neutral. A few days later he called me, although I had texted him earlier in the day -.- then I call him the next day and text too much and he ignores me again.

So more recently... I gave it 3 weeks until yesterday I said happy birthday to him. He answers 30 seconds later (and he never answers that quick) and he's like "aww thank you!! That's so sweet. How are you?" and then we have a short conversation and he asked about my job (I got laid off a few weeks ago).

So I guess the question I'm asking is, do I have any chance of getting him back? I've been initiating all the contact basically and just now 22 days went by and he didn't say anything until I said happy birthday... I don't wanna give up yet but it has been nearly 3 months... At the time of writing this he still has not said anything since last night.
Ok, would it make a difference if I said the break up was caused by me cheating on him, but he knows I'm really sorry and he still finds me attractive? He doesn't openly tell me that (except for one occasion...)
So a few days ago I asked him if he wanted me to stop contacting him. He replied and told me he still thinks about me everyday and all the stuff that remind him of me and wants to at least be friends. But he ignores my requests to see him?


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  • I know how hard it must be, but I think that you should try to consider letting go. You don't want to always be the one initiating the contact. One-sided relationships don't work. If it makes you feel better, he's not mad at you at all, but I think that he's moved on.


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  • He is totally screwing you. He is playing with your emotions. Dont waste your time on someone who dosent appreciate u, enough to play with ur emotions. Find some1 else who loves u and appreciates u. Or better yet play with his emotions back. Or find some1 to make him jealous with. Ur better than that hun

  • He is playing with you... I highly doubt it.

  • It really doesn't sound like he wants to get back together. It sounds like he's just being lpolite


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