Why is my ex ignoring me all of a sudden?

So my ex boyfriend and I have been deciding if we should give it another shot. He's basically begging for it, and hating himself for letting me go. So, I told him that I'll think about it, and that he would have to make some changes. After that, I told him brb. And texted him "hey" a day or two later. But he ignored my text. How come?
So t do you guys think?


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  • It could be any number of things. I wouldn't want to be told I need to "change" though. I realize people make mistakes but, we shouldn't have to change for someone. You should like him for him. I think you just meant he needed to not do what he did again, whatever it was (I'm curious as to what it was that was so "bad"). I know ex's who can't even be friends, let alone try to be together again. Good luck though

    • He gave me lame excuses to break up... n went to other girls as soon as he called it off... even heard that he kinda cheated wen he was with me

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    • Then click the little box, lol

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