Do women realise that by forgiving men cheating they are just making it worse for themselves?

I think that cheating with hookers is very acceptable in marriage or relationships for men. The simple reason for this Is that doesn't matter how many times or how long they cheat they get forgiven and go to counselling. The guy only needs to feel remorseful and that's it.

The man enjoys himself s and the woman stays unhappy. Agree?


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  • If I was married and my husband cheated with a hooker for example, it wouldn't bother me at all.. why? because it's just like a business transaction, there's no emotion involved in it.

    If my husband cheated with another woman he had to spend time getting to know, taking her out, dating her etc then the marriage would be over in an instant.

    • What about cheating with strangers?

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    • regular cheating like it's happening often.. lol what's the point even being in a committed relationship then?

    • Ask cheaters

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  • I honestly don't believe that cheating is acceptable in marriage and relationships whether if its male or female. If one partner cheats, then their partner will feel unhappy regardless of their genders or anything.

    If anything, its not being faithful.

  • I wish everything was that black and white. But there are other factors and circumstances to consider before judging people for staying with someone who cheated

    • There we go. ...

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    • Not for me fortunately. All you need is to be prepared and avoid being reckless

    • You sound to me like a typical woman.

  • Depending on the relationship type
    And length it can make things very complicated.
    But women tend to stay in a toxic relationship due to isseues of codependency, low self worth, and/or insecuries.
    I agree cheating is a deal breaker.

    • Oh that is true unfortunately.

  • wtf? it just doesn't makes sense

    • What he's saying is that when a woman 'forgives' a man for cheating - she's giving him implicit knowledge that she tolerates cheating. Therefore the incentive to cheat again is there.

    • okay dude i got it... personally i will never forgive a man who has cheated on me

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  • Most women who've "turned off the sex" for hubby, would be happy if he went somewhere else and stopped annoying them to get some.
    If he was getting any at home. he wouldn't waste money on a hooker.

    • There are many other factors as to why husband cheat.

  • It's not just women, is men as well. There isn't an on and off switch for the emotions you have for that other person. If there was a switch. I'm sure the many people coming out of relationship would use that switch, love can be a bitch. I once forgave the other person, but I couldn't fully forgive her and it made everything worse... but I had to try for the sake of love.

    • For the sake of love? Loooooool this cracked me up

  • I think you're right on. A woman is condoning it if she 'forgives' him.


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