I told my ex I'm still in love with him and he said nothing!!! I don't know how to get over him?

I'm really sad bc of the break up with my ex bf. It's been already two months and first I was just fine but last three weeks I've been crying like every day, staring at pictures of us, wanting to call him... We still talk like on Facebook and he sents me Snapchats, likes my pics on Instagram etc. We were talking a lot and then I told him I'm still in love with him and maybe we should stop keeping in a touch that I could move on. He said nothing and I haven't heard of him since! I don't know how to get pass this :(


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  • This is why, when you break up with someone, you need to make a CLEAN BREAK, meaning NO CONTACT. All you are doing is torturing yourself by continuing to have contact with him. He obviously doesn't want to be together, so there's no reason to keep in communication with him.

    When I date a girl, I tell her "the door is over there; you are free to walk out at any time. I'll do my best every day to make you WANT to stay, but I can't force you to and I won't try. But know this: that's a one-way door, and once you walk out, there's no getting back in, so make damn sure you want out before you walk out."

    Most people simply cannot be friends with an ex. You can be CIVIL, but you can't actively be friends, and to expect anything else is unrealistic. Learn to make a clean break, and it will all be easier.


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  • you just gotta literally stop contact with him like you said and try to move on. its hard but its worth it.

    • it's really hard :( any idea why he didn't say anything back?

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    • mmm thanks guys :) probably silly but i still think we could have a chance to fix things u know.. maybe he just needs time to think about what he says?

    • we're human and we change our minds. it is possible. but go with your gut feeling:)

  • Similar situation with me. Just cry yourself out for one or two days and then move on. You eventually get over him sooner or later.


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