Do you think turning off your emotions is a good idea?

What do you think, is it a good idea turning of all your emotions with hypnosis, so you don't have to feel any more pain?

I got this idea from watching Vampire Diaries.


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  • No it's a terrible idea. If you got this idea from vampire diaries then didn't you see what happens when a character turns off their emotions. It never ends in a good way.

    • Yeah, I know. But I would be free of my pain.

    • I can get that you just don't want to feel pain anymore and you feel like things won't get better but just be strong and get through it. Because if now you don't feel the pain then later you won't be able to feel the happiness.

    • Seem like a good reason, I'll think about it.

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  • I think you can avoid a lot of it by not dealing with people who are assholes that hurt you lol

    • Great advice, just 13 years to late.

    • I have learned to try my best to weed people out and do watch what they do to determine if they are keepers or not. Basically anyone showing you kindness, friendship is real, the rest, don't bother.

    • I will keep that in mind, thank you.

  • No, I think its horrible (I speak from somewhat experience)

    • Wanna share?

    • Um just look up depersonalization and/or derealization and that should give you a pretty good idea lol

    • Will do, thank you.

  • terrible, cause you might forget how to turn it on

  • I would do it if it was possible.

  • In a hypothetical situation, maybe. On the plus side you have no more fear, no hate, no sadness that will take your focus away. Without emotions you'd be able to accomplish anything because you'd only have reason and logic.
    But you won't experience happiness, love, or any pleasurable emotions. Your life would become just one monotonous day passing by monotonous day, over and over, with no joy to make your life worth while. And would the success from being focused be worth it in the end if you couldn't even experience the joy that comes with it?
    I don't know. It's up to you.

    • As far as I can tell society, my parents and everyone else in my life expect from me to be a functioning robot. So, I don't see the downside and it would fix my broken heart.

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  • I don't think that's how hypnosis works, but allow me to tell you that I pretty much was completely disconnected from my emotions due to suppressing them for many years, and it's really bad for you. Why? Because if you don't understand your own emotions, then you can't understand others'. It's essentially a free pass to being borderline sociopathic, and a guide on how not to have empathy at all. It makes social life hell if you don't understand anyone's emotional state, including your own.

    • Trouble is I have strong empathic tendencies, I just need to google pictures of people crying and start to get wet eyes myself. And society doesn't want empathic men, they want working drones. Maybe I should do it, and then study virology or something.

    • Oh, you're lucky! I had to relearn that.

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