Help me understand this situation please?

I think my bf and I broke up but I'm feeling so confused about it.

The night of the breakup, after we decided not to be together anymore, he insisted on spending the night even though he lives almost next door to me and it was early.

We didn't have sex. We ended up staying awake half the night holding hands in bed and just chatting. It was like any normal night.

Also we talked about giving each other back our stuff. He has things at my place and I have things at his place. We also talked about what to do with mutual property. But he also refused to take his things with him when he left, saying I can keep it at my apartment for now.

Then the next few days, we texted and chatted like nothing happened.

Even though we said lets break up, it doesn't feel like we did you know? I feel like maybe a part of him might still want to be together. What do you think?


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  • I've seen break ups slow and happy, and I've seen them split and the two never ever talk to each other again, even though they were almost married.

    I think the communication is great, but it sounds like he's not ready to move on and change his life. The fact that he didn't try to have sex can be a good sign, but you have to be careful there. He might be setting you up a "eff-buddy", but maybe subconsciously you're doing the same. Most of my ex-girlfriends I slept with again at one point, usually after a break up by them.

    The key is, to do what's best for you. If he's a positive influence in your life, then you have a lot of leeway. But if his presence causes you a lot of trouble, then you might need to get a good full split. Also, be careful about being "the other woman" as he'll go to you when things are bad. That can lead to you being used.

    The important thing is what do you want. But also be careful as to not get used. Hope this helps. Good luck.


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