Was really comfortable when we broke up, goood or bad?

my boyfriend broke up with me around 2 weeks ago, he dropped me off at the bus to get home cause he had to go to work.

it wasn't your typical awkward car trip, we were having a massive dnm and what we liked about each other etc, i started crying (of course, girls cry about everything) then he started crying because of the things i was saying to him, i dunno, i guess its a good thing we weren't awkward, it felt like we still had a connection even though he wanted to break up with me.

he says i can message him/call him anytime, and we'll catch up after exams which finishes in a weeks time. he says he can't commit work, uni, friends and me at the same time.

i feel so stupid missing him.. how do i get over this?


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  • Missing him is just human nature girl! It's something that will always happen, even if some people don't show it on the outside. My suggestion is time- that's the only real remedy for a break up.


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