Has he moved on? Or is he playing games?

Me and my bf of 4 years broke up April til 2nd. I broke up with him because I didn't think he was ever going to advance our relationship to the next step. He begged or me back for 2 months and I mean begged, he told me he loves me more than he loved himself, he went on anti depressants to get though the pain and I know he hurt a lot. About a months ago (end of May) I asked him if we could try get back togther and he said ' I'm still in love with you but I can't right now'... He had found a new girl and now I feel like he is just rubbing it in my face cause I hurt him... He is not a picture guy at all and he knows I can see his IG and he keeps posting pictures of them together with smiles and heart comments... Is he doing this for revenge or do you think he is happy and moved on? Please help


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  • People don't "play games." Not like you're saying it. No one thinks "I will play games! HAHAHAHAHA! Now I will play this game! And then I will play another game! And then I'll play more games!" No, of course no one does that. "Is he playing games" is a very childish and immature thing to say and you really just sound like a jilted 12-year-old so I suggest not doing it anymore.

    But let me get this straight. You rejected him for two months and then after he found another girl you all of a sudden wanted him back? Fuck you. Hells no. I'd rub that shit in your face too. I'd make you see it and I'd hope it makes you cry your beady little eyes out. You're acting like a child so it's no wonder he doesn't want you. He's got a girlfriend now. You can't use someone as your backup plan for when you're desperate and lonely. That's fucked up. Start treating people like human beings and maybe you'll find someone decent. Keep behaving like this you're going to end up alone. You'll be a spinster with nine cats. I wouldn't touch you if you paid me. And neither should anyone else.

    God, I'm so sick of childish little bitches like you. You jerk people around until you decide you're bored and lonely and then expect everyone to drop everything and be at your beck and call. You are a child. You are a disgusting little girl. I hate people like you. Do everyone a favor and just go away. Especially him. Go away.

  • If i were him i would be filled with rage if you offered to get back together after i begged and went through medication just to make it though only for those wounds to be opened right back up 1 month after i "get over you". I would feel anger towards you and stay with the girl. But that's just me :3


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