Ex Girlfriend keeps getting in touch 18 months after break up?

I was with a very special girl for about a year and we loved each other. I guess I loved her more. She went to Peru to meet her father and family for the first time and I was due to go and meet up with her and travel around together. She decided that 6 months was not long enough in her new found home and I was left with the choice to move out there or we break up. In the end we couldn't compromise, she couldn't tell me when she was coming home. So in my frustration I told her that she was the type of girl I'd want to marry - she freaked then broke up with me. I was so hurt I cut her out of my life and ignored her texts and tried to move on. 18 months later we're now talking, but what really annoys me is she still believes that I wanted her as a possession, because I told her I would marry her. Yet no matter the fact she knows I still love her after all this time she still won't accept that what I said, I meant. She's against the idea of marriage so I don't know why I even bothered telling her. I guess it was the only way I knew how to tell her how much I cared. Anyway she says she still loves me, but doesn't know how she feels - not really sure what that means. I know its not good - but today I sent her a message telling her that reason I told her was that I thought it was the last time I'd ever see her again - how can I let you walk out on me without telling you how I feel? Not a chance, even if she did shoot me down I wanted her to know. Did I do the right thing or have I just messed up again?


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  • Messed up again
    b/c her idea of marriage is vastly different from yours
    and so it's best to not talk marriage.
    Instead, sell the honest idea that you must be with her
    under any arrangement she feels best, most comfortable for her.
    Over the years you'll be with her and then allow the relationship grow into whatever she defines it.
    It's a good bet that one day, she'll remark... oh, THAT's what you meant by marriage... oh, OK.


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