Should I forget about her or move on?

When i was 14 i was dating this girl who at the time i said i lived. My dad got offered a better job so we moved after for dating for 6 months, i loved her so i decided to keep the long distance relation ship but 10 months later i found myself losing feelings for her, text was not enough. A month later i broke up with her. She longed for me and believed the break up wasn't fair for around a year she was "hopeless" i was 17 on the 31st of may (Saturday) became 18 on June 13th and my grandparents wanted to see me so my family drove back to our home town where we moved from. She caught word of this and invited me out. We ate pizza together and caught up. We drove around and ended up kissing and she was telling me how she was still in to me. I broke up with her because of the distance and my feelings had died out. When i spent the day with her those feelings came back, not as strong though i don't love her at this point i just can't get her out of my head. We drive back home (two hours from where she lives) and she barley keeps contact with me (also she had/still has a bf) over text. When we drove around i noticed she has her phone on her 24/7 and that she instantly reply's to her bff (who is a lesbian) even during our reunion after our 4 years silence. Meaning that she chooses not to text me back. Should i simply ignore her and forget or try to get back in touch with her? She knows how i feel but I'm not sure how she does. She sent mixed messages telling me she likes me and then completely ignoring me for the past 21 days ever since i drove back home. I even told her i feel ignored. She told me she is busy with work and does drill practice 4 hours a day (yet she can text her friend 24/7) and she told me that 9 days ago and hasn't text back yet. I sent 2 text and stopped so i wouldn't spam her with messages. The messages she does send me before ignoring me for 3-7 days are dry and short.
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  • So sorry to say this but I think you were the one who hurt her first so her mixed signals aren't surprising in my opinion. I think she herself is also very confused and at a loss of what to do. I think she still likes you but is afraid to be hurt further and thus her mixed signals.

    • I mean you were the one who initiated the break up, right? Do you think she would feel very hurt by it? So...

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  • There are plenty of fish in the sea

    • I agree with you but she is a human and not a fish.

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  • sorry i have really bad eye vision and accidently chose the wrong answer. try fixing it! she sounds amazing. but if you still don't have those feelings try to forget about her!!!


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