My ex still telling me he loves me but he has a girlfriend and he wanted to be my friend. what should I do?

I had love of my life but he told me he met someone at church and he decided to date this person and few weeks later he told me him and the lady is official. I was very sad but I tried to move on. He still texting me and said he still loves me, but he is too busy with his girlfriend. He told me he does not love her but he'd been with her all day and all night. The other day he said he still cares about me and loves me, but when I text him back, he did not text me back until next day because he was with his girlfriend. He said he will be devastated if I stop communicating with him. I do not feel the same love anymore but same time, I'm feeling this "Hope" he might come back…but I'm not sure if I should wait for him to come back or should I move on…and I'm not sure how to move on...


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  • if he is a real man then he would never leave you and go to other girl


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